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Jennifer Armetta

Broker Associate

Jennifer Armetta graduated from Boston University in 1991 and began her career working in partner marketing, strategic alliances, sales and client management. During her over 10-year career in this area she was fortunate to work with major brands, such as Rolex, Disney, House of Blues, Cartier, American Express, and Ferrari. Jennifer also cultivated her passion for supporting museum quality, emerging artists by opening her gallery, Jennifer Armetta Fine Art, in 1996.

Wanting to branch out on her own and observing an opportunity in the job search industry, Jennifer Co-Founded in 2001, a subscription-based job site that changed the way people approached employment. 4EJ grew to be the largest in its niche market and quickly went national. After deciding to take some time off for children and family, Jennifer again began consulting on museum quality art incorporating real estate into the equation, an ongoing interest of hers. Working with clients to help them envision, design and build their homes with the focus of showcasing art collections, ultimately grew into a business that solidified Jennifer’s decision to begin a formal career in luxury real estate with Sotheby’s International and joining JH Real Estate Group.

In addition to her accomplishments professionally, Jennifer has been an active Board member with a number of high profile institutions. Her interest in, and dedication to, helping emerging artists, lead her to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art in 2006 where she was one of the original Emerge Board Members and continues to be an active member today. Jennifer also serves as a council member of the Museum of Contemporary Photography. As one of the original Board Members of the Jameson Charitable Foundation, Jennifer is honored to have the opportunity to grow this organization dedicated to building housing and shelter for people in need around the world. Her commitment to seeking solutions to the global challenges of lifting children out of poverty brought her to Save the Children, where she is joined by women around the world dedicated to meeting this challenge. In 2016, Jennifer joined PANDAS/PANS Advocacy and Support, a national foundation dedicated to helping end the plight of children and families suffering with the devastating disease of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep. She now serves as Vice President of this organization.

Jennifer lives in Chicago with her two children, Jaden and Siena.